When making HOA dues payments, please make all checks payable to “Puritas Park Home Owners Association, Inc” and sent to the address below for all payments. Checks or Online Banking must show the following for proper identification:


1.     Management Co ID:  4547

2.     Association ID:          293

3.     Your HOA Account Number:  XXX.XX 


Monthly HOA dues fees are $99.75        


Mail to:

Puritas Park Home Owners Association

Care of Clark Simson Miller

P O Box 52344

Phoenix, AZ 85072-2344


Do not mail the Board of Trustees post office box.

HOA Dues can also be paid by ACH, just click the "ACH INFO" button on our homepage at:


All HOA Dues payments must be received by the tenth day of each month to avoid late fees, any account with outstanding balances will be charged late fees and costs.