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6.23 PETS:    No animals are permitted except pets. The only pets which are permitted are one cat and one dog per Unit, and only such other pets which, by their nature are at all times kept confined indoors, such as fish and birds.    A cat or a dog may be taken outdoors, provided such pet does not, by barking or otherwise, disturb the Owner or Resident of any other Unit in the Development.   Board of animals is prohibited.  All pets must be on a hand-held leash and under reasonable control by their Owner or Resident of Tenants when outside of a Unit. Pets are prohibited to run loose in the Development.    NO PET shall be tied, fenced, or housed outside.    Pet owners are liable for any and all damages caused by their pets to the Common Area including, but not limited to shrubs, bushes, trees, and grass.   Pet Owners are also liable for any damage caused to another Owner or Resident’s Unit, including their driveway, deck, patio, fence, or landscaping.    Complaints should be directed in writing to the Board of Trustees after attempts at responsible and civil personal discussions have failed.  No pets shall be allowed to urinate or defecate on property decks or patios. Pet owners are responsible to carry a waste bag for immediate and complete clean up after their pet.  This is especially important when walking your dog in the Common Areas or on your neighbor’s property.  The waste bag must be properly disposed of in pet owner’s waste receptacle not in another units’ waste receptacle. 

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